Superior QC offers a variety of unique cloud-based software, planning, and data analysis solutions for the downhole exploration and production industry.

Superior QC was created in 2015 around the idea that cross-pollination of ideas between different industries is one of the best possible ways to bring about technological advancement.

Founder Chad Hanak, Ph.D. brings extensive experience from NASA designing automated Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) algorithms for manned and unmanned spacecraft. Algorithms and navigation approaches that are designed for safely guiding spacecraft re-entering the Earth atmosphere at 5.5+ miles per second have proven valuable when applied to automated analysis of downhole data. Solutions of this type are the primary specialty of Superior QC. And because everyone loves spaceships, here are a few videos:

  • As the architect of the Orion real-time navigation algorithm, Chad created a mission critical system that is required to safely guide the vehicle as it re-enters the Earth atmosphere at more than 5.5+ miles per second. See the vehicle successfully re-enter from space during Entry Flight Test 1 here. The big parachutes deploy at about the 9:30 mark in the video.
  • Another of the vehicles to rely on a Hanak navigation system design was the Morpheus prototype Lunar lander. See one of the test flights here.