Passive Magnetic Ranging (PMR)

Superior QC’s PMR software solution provides the range and direction to an offset cased well using measurements from a standard MWD directional tool.

It can be used to twin wells, intersect for plug and abandonment, and avoid unintended well crossings while drilling multi-laterals. In most scenarios, Survey FDIR is used to clean the surveys and monitor for external magnetic interference. If magnetic interference is detected, the ranging process begins.

The Superior QC PMR system builds on Chad’s extensive ranging system development experience, having previously developed an alternate concept PMR system, as well as a dual well active magnetic ranging system (based on a rotating magnet technique). The space-based guidance, navigation, and control algorithms that form the core of our ranging approach yield robust results and industry leading speed. Our ranging calculations are an order of magnitude faster than what the leading competitor advertises. Please contact us to see if PMR is right for your application.