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The CalCheck program is used for qualifying tool performance before and after deployment in the field. Unlike roll tests, CalCheck qualifies the performance of the tool directly against the terms in the ISCWSA error models. It also identifies problems such as twist, bend, and sensor non-orthogonality that can corrupt surveys downhole. The software tracks tool performance over time and generates reports on fleet performance, helping to streamline repair and maintenance effort.

“CalCheck is user-friendly QA software that has helped us take our MWD conditional maintenance to the next level. CalCheck allows a proactive approach to preventing failures by ensuring our directional sensors are verifi ed to be within ISCWSA MWD error models limits in-between manufacturer calibrations.”

— Shane Wooley

“I rely on the fact that I don’t have control over the internal workings of CalCheck. This allows me to utilize the software as an objective third party to verify my calibrations.”

— Brian Fields


Qualify Tool Performance Against Error Model Terms

Identify Twist, Bend, and Non-Orthogonality


Track Tool Performance Over Time

Generate Reports On Fleet Performance

Streamline Repair and Maintenance Efforts