Additional Services

IFR (In-Field Referencing)

By incorporating the impact of local anomalies in the Earth’s Crustal Field, IFR can provide a more accurate magnetic reference field model – most notably with respect to the declination angle. When paired with FDIR or HiFi Nav, IFR becomes a valuable tool to reduce positional uncertainty for well planning and anti-collision.

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Utilization of a RIP Test can provide a deeper insight to the agreement level of overlapping survey measurements for both the gyro and MWD tool over a measured depth interval. An understanding of the wellbore’s most accurate placement can be greatly enhanced through this forensic comparative analysis.

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Overlapping gyro & MWD survey measurements can provide insight into potential declination error downhole to identify & fix errors in the magnetic model values (WMM/IGRF/BGGM/HDGM/IFR). By accounting for this additional source of error, MWD + Gyro can achieve the tightest magnetic MWD Ellipse of Uncertainty (EOU) available.

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Verify the calibration of your MWD sensor directly against the terms in the ISCWSA error model. CalCheck is available to be used in the MWD shop during roll test and calibration. Increase the confidence and performance of your tool today.

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