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In-Field Referencing is a more in depth look at the local Crustal Field for a particular region. It can be used to replace BGGM or HDGM magnetic reference field values, with the primary benefit being reduced declination error. Its most important use is in reducing the EOU/declination error for anti-collision scenarios.

The map shows the difference between our (BGS) IFR declination values and IFR provided by other sources. The IFR 1 standard deviation value from the error model is also shown on the map for comparison. The size of the circles indicates the magnitude of the difference between the two IFR values. All of the differences are well under 1 standard deviation signifying that the error model assumptions are adequately satisfied.


IFR Error can be Detected and Corrected when Paired with FDIR or HiFi Nav

Available in Most Basins

Can Reduce Anti-Collision Risk


Reduce Declination Uncertainty

Improved EOU Size

Less Ambiguous Relief Well Ranging

Reduce the Need for Gyro Surveys