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Used primarily in post-drilling analysis, the RIP Test can provide a statistical assessment of the expected level of agreement that should exist for overlapping MWD & Gyro surveys based on the error models. Traditionally, in this scenario, the Gyro is accepted as the more accurate depiction of the wellbore position. However, this is not always the case and a RIP Test can provide an independent, 3rd party assessment of the highside and lateral angle differences between the MWD & Gyro surveys. The RIP Test has identified errors associated with both MWD & Gyro measurements and can assist in narrowing in on the source of the disagreement. Don’t let your survey measurements go to waste!


Agnostic to MWD/Gyro Provider

Suitable for Use with all Gyro Configurations

Advanced Statistical Analysis of Predicted Agreement


Explain Discrepancies Between MWD & Gyro Survey Logs

Increased Confidence In Survey Measurement Accuracy

Improved Understanding of the Well’s Position

Independent 3rd Party Assessment