Bit Guidance

HiFi Guidance™ is the most impactful Directional Advisory Algorithm on the market. Unlike existing techniques that rely on randomly trying solutions until one looks better than the rest, the core HiFi Guidance™ algorithm uses a deliberate trajectory optimization approach. Trajectory optimization has been utilized for decades to minimize the “Delta V*” a spacecraft requires to get to destinations in space, thus minimizing the amount of fuel that must be lifted into orbit. HiFi Guidance™ seamlessly applies the same sophisticated mathematical principles to efficiently place slides in a manner that limits sliding and tortuosity while maximizing ROP and footage placed in the drilling window.
*Delta V is a summation of total velocity change achieved through rocket burns of a spacecraft.

Reduce Slide Percentage

HiFi Guidance™’s refined estimation of real-time rotational tendencies and motor yield allow for reliable forward projection and optimized slide scheduling through the upcoming well section. The option to feed the projection algorithm continuous inclination data in real-time helps to detect changes in tendencies early, allowing for efficient handling of unexpected deviations.

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Increase Lateral Footage in Zone

The reliable look ahead projections, in combination with rule-based logic designed to maintain control margin necessary to stay in the window, enable HiFi Guidance™ to maximize footage placed within the drilling window.

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Drill More Consistant Curves

Missing vertical section is a problem when one must drill through a zone with reduced motor yield while building a curve. Our Curve Assurance algorithm will compensate for the low motor yield zone by being more aggressive in real time, both before and after the zone, in a way that does not unnecessarily sacrifice vertical section.

Get Casing to Bottom More Reliably

Lateral tortuosity is a large driver of drag when running casing, with a linear relation between slide percentage and hook load. Using HiFi Guidance™ to reduce slide percentage and dogleg severity in the lateral has a direct impact on reducing drag and increasing the odds of a successful casing run.