Survey Management

HiFi Nav™ is Superior QC’s newest survey management product line that makes use of not only standard MWD survey data but also valuable drilling data that is generally overlooked from a wellbore trajectory perspective. HiFi Nav™ then synthesizes the combined dataset in a fundamentally new manner to calculate a significantly more accurate wellbore shape and trajectory at 15-foot increments.


While traditional survey correction algorithms primarily improve ONLY the well’s horizontal positioning, HiFi Nav™ can identify and remove error both in the horizontal as well as TVD planes.

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Through highly accurate real-time rotary tendency and motor yield estimates, HiFi Nav™ generates the most precise wellbore placement available on the market. HiFi Nav™ can reduce the size of the Ellipse of Uncertainty (EOU) by up to 70% over standard MWD.

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Rotary tendencies combined with pattern sliding can result in hidden TVD error. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the Stockhausen Effect. HiFi Nav™ will significantly reduce its impact and improve the geological interpretation in real-time.


Reveal previously unseen doglegs to improve torque & drag analysis for casing runs as well as assist in identifying the optimal placement of artificial lift equipment to reduce wear.


While conducting a post-well analysis, one of Superior QC’s automated safeguards identified that the incorrect plus-minus sign had been entered for the declination in real-time resulting in a 14° azimuth error per survey. This oversight accumulated to more than 700 ft of wellbore positioning error and culminated in the well being drilled off lease and narrowly avoiding several offset wells.

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